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But if you’re interested in generally browsing deals on electronics and their arrival isn’t time-sensitive, Rodas says, “waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is still a good strategy.”

Skip: Holiday-themed stuff you don’t need

Excuse the Scrooge-like advice, but holiday decorations, ornaments, wrapping paper and artificial Christmas trees will face the same supply-chain bottleneck that’s driving up prices on other stuff, Rodas says.

If you need a new tree or holiday item — and are OK with spending a little more than in previous years — then buying it now gives you a better chance of receiving it in time than if you waited until December, Rodas says. But if you can hold off on new holiday-themed purchases, she says this is the year to do so.

Buy: Off-season and off-size gear

“Now is the time of year when retailers are trying to clear all their inventory,” Beitelspacher says. “There’s a lot of off-season stuff that’s going to be heavily, heavily discounted.”

These off-season items may include grills and deck furniture, for example. Rodas points out that Halloween costumes and decorations are now off-season, too, so expect “huge discounts” on those items.

As for clothes, look for sales on transitional fall and late summer pieces, Beitelspacher says. Think linen pants, sundresses and light jackets.

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